To equip and supply with an ability, to enable. To make able.

Leadership expert John Maxwell talks about the Law of Empowerment, explaining how effective leaders make those around them able. He identifies that when a leader can’t or won’t empower others, barriers are created within the organisation, performance and personal engagement ceilings are constructed.

Look around your team, your workplace, your family perhaps. Is potential being realised? Are people being made able?

We need to understand that only empowered people can reach their potential and to make ourselves indispensable to our organisation / team / employer, we actually need to make ourselves dispensable. Sounds a bit like Double Dutch but here’s how it works: if we continually empower others and help them develop so they become capable of taking over our role, we actually become more valuable to the team.

To build team, we need to build people.

The definition of team in this instance applies to every situation we’re in: our family is a team, our church is a team, our employer is a team, our community association is a team. John Maxwell’s Law of Empowerment applies equally across each environment.

Everyone on our team has potential. How effectively are we helping them step into it?


Photo: Used with permission via 123RF Stock Photos

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