Earthquake-proof your foundations…

A foundation is the substance upon which something is built. The foundation actually supports the structure. In earthquake-resistant design, it is suggested the foundation design should tie together all the elements of the substructure, unifying the different components for maximum strength.

If your world is regularly being shaken then it’s probably time to check the foundations. Foundations for you and I are the fundamentals upon which we build our lives – our beliefs, our “go to” point in times of confusion and stress. Bedrock provides the greatest foundation – it delivers much more stability than gravel, sand or mud. If we build our lives on things which are unstable and unreliable, then we can expect to be regularly damaged by earthquakes. If, instead, we chose to build upon rock then we will stand even in the midst of turmoil.

The stronger the foundation, the more weight it can carry, the greater stress it can withstand. We need to build our lives, our families, our nations on a solid foundation, ensuring these things have been built for a great purpose and can withstand whatever comes against them. Earthquakes will come, but will we remain standing?

On what are you building your life?


Image credit: humannet / 123RF Stock Photo

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