Doors open or closed?

I pray. And I know many others who also pray and can testify to the power of prayer. I think sometimes, though, we may not be asking God the right questions…

When we’re looking for opportunity we’re knocking on doors and when a door opens onwards we boldly stride. We’ve asked God to open doors so this must the one, right?

Maybe not… I’m not suggesting I know what God’s detailed plan is for me, let alone you, but I’ve learnt that opportunity presents as a series of decisions. Often there are several doors from which to choose. Asking for open doors is one thing, I reckon asking for doors to be closed is another!

After all, we don’t need endless open doors, we need the right God-given opportunity for this time. For me to make sense of this I need less choice – I need doors to be closed. I need opportunities to be shut off once I’ve elected to investigate, I need the field to be narrowed.

Let’s keep praying but let’s start asking the right questions!


Image credit: anterovium / 123RF Stock Photo

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