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Don’t sell out to the stuff

Having recently returned from a fabulous one week break with my family, I am experiencing a mild case of the post-holiday blues. Being free of serious commitments, no pressing emails and a very fluid schedule was very attractive for us all. I reckon one of the keys to this holiday bliss though was the noticeable lack of “stuff”.

The holiday apartment was mostly clutter-free, with only the essentials (albeit in relative luxury!). We had few gadgets, only a handful of toys and just the clothes we needed. Apart from less physical stuff, I was certainly carrying less mental stuff. I had decided beforehand that this holiday I would leave behind the emails, the thinking and the planning and simply enjoy time with my family, laissez-faire style!

This freedom enabled me to focus my energy on the family, becoming fully engaged with them and our activities. I had sold out entirely to the family.

It begs the question then, how often do we allow both the physical and mental stuff to consume us, removing our attention from the present?

How often do we unconsciously prioritize the “stuff” ahead of our family and personal well-being?

For me, the uncomfortable answer to these questions is too often. I have resolved to more effectively manage the stuff, both physical and mental. It should not take me being physically removed from my location via a holiday to get a handle on this. I have resolved to determine what is urgent, what is important and what can wait and then act accordingly. Will you join me?


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