Don’t dress for winter when it’s summer

One thing I’ve learned over my 43 years is that life is a series of seasons. Some good, others not-so-good. Seasons can be positively challenging and inspiring whilst some are simply frustrating and darn-right annoying!

Regardless of the season I know it will pass. Spring follows every winter. New life comes forth once the shackles of the cold has been broken. For me, this means if I’m in a season of lack, then I know this is the now, not necessarily the future. Of course, I cannot ignore the events swirling around me, pretending all is well. Wearing jeans and jacket in the midday sun of summer wishing it was winter won’t bring on the new season whereas confronting the demands of the season before me whilst planning for the next should be the strategy.

I find myself talking more of seasons when the present is not quite what I want. When I’m in a season of abundance and blessing, I’m okay for this to be the famous endless summer! The reality, though, is that this season may also pass and we should be preparing for what may come. This is not to say that we should expect the worst, actually I believe in the exact opposite. I expect to be blessed however wisdom suggests we prepare for storms before they arrive. Every summer of my 43 years has witnessed a storm!

Irrespective of what season in which you may find yourself now, it will pass. Tackle head-on the demands of the current season and plan today for how you want the next season to look. After every winter, comes a spring!


Image credit: mikekiev / 123RF Stock Photo

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