Does your face match your words?

Fellow Facebooker Carlos recently posted : SPEAKER (looking half asleep) “This is an exciting day…”. How often have we been left unconvinced by someone’s words? Regardless of what is being said, if the speaker doesn’t LOOK as if it’s genuine then it will miss the mark entirely.

I have heard many times “fake it until you make it” and whilst there is an element of faith attached to such a phrase, we still need to believe in what we are saying. If we are professing excitement then we must LOOK excited! If we’re sharing from the heart then we must look open, vulnerable, earnest. If we’re seeking people to join our cause then we must look as if we want them AND look as if we’re worth joining!

Some of the simplest ways to convey meaning through our face is to smile and to make eye contact. People are attracted to a smiling face – it speaks warmth and welcome. Eye contact conveys honestly and value.

The message here is simple: if we want our words to be accepted, then our face must reinforce the message.


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