Do you have the 2 A’s of success?

I’m sure you, like me, have often heard about the “keys” to success as if it is something that is otherwise locked, secured, not readily accessible. What I’ve found though is that while success (whatever this means for you in your world) does not automatically arrive, it is available if you’re willing to attune your life towards it.

My personal experience suggests that we require not so much as a key to unlock success but rather two A’s: ATTITUDE and APPLICATION.

An attitude angled towards what it is we’re desiring; an attitude of possibility; an attitude of overcoming; an attitude of belief. This for me has been the easiest part. I’ve been able to devour the many excellent books available from the likes of John Maxwell, Jim Collins, Robert Kyiosaki, Rick Warren, Bill Hybels, Og Mandino and so on along with stories about and from entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Guy Kawasaki plus the success stories of athletes as diverse as Michael Jordan and Darren Lockyer. Couple this to inspiring profiles of the likes Nelson Mandela and I understand that ATTITUDE is everything. If this was the sole key to success, then I would be successful beyond my wildest dreams!

The transforming key is APPLICATION. Taking our attitude and actually having the courage to apply it to our worlds. This is often the chasm between two high points.

Since we started with keys, let’s finish with a couple that work for me…

1. Create the environment

You want joy? Deliberately cultivate a happy environment by what you think, what you say and what you do. Want productivity? Be strategic with your time – create plans and schedules, give yourself deadlines. Want better thinking? Absorb the works of some of the authors mentioned above, get stuck into God’s Word (yep, the Bible is the best self-help handbook available for around 2000 years!).

2. Decide what’s important

Are you chasing dollars and ‘stuff’? Or are you preferring to build people who can build other people? This starts with your family – your spouse, your children, YOURSELF. The first and foremost place to be investing is yourself. You need to see yourself as important, as essential to those around you. Start placing value on yourself and, perhaps surprisingly, so will others.

There are plenty of other steps in one’s journey to success but I reckon the foundation is really found in creating the environment you desire and deciding what success actually means in your world. Get these two sorted, throw in a decent measure of attitude and application, and the world truly becomes your oyster!


Image credit: coliap / 123RF Stock Photo

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