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Do you celebrate the win?

We have now celebrated both of my parent’s 80th birthdays. Gathering friends and family for these momentous occasions created fantastic memories for all concerned and highlighted the incredible impact my parents have had on many lives. These events have really shown me the value of celebrating the win.

The win may be big and obvious, it may be small and relatively nondescript. It may be personal or it could be public. Regardless, a win is a win and it is incredibly important for each of us to celebrate them.

Celebrating the win does a few things. It…

  •  rewards the effort required in securing the win,
  • identifies the impact and influence the win has upon others,
  • acknowledges all those who have journeyed with us,
  • encourages ourselves and others to persevere, and
  • shares the joy.

The win for my folks our lives well-lived and the many people whose lives are richer for having a relationship with my mum and dad. Having the opportunity to recognise their influence surrounded by their close friends was personally rewarding and satisfying.

An 80th birthday is a magnificent milestone but I am sure you and I have smaller milestones that need celebrating. Once we’ve scaled the mountain or we’re sitting atop the mound, let’s stop and reflect on the achievement before pressing on.

Let’s take the time to celebrate the win.


Image credit: iprostocks / 123RF Stock Photo

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