Do we really care?

Some days it seems as life moves at 100 mile an hour – rushing here, deadlines to meet, opportunities missed. Busy, busy, busy, rush, rush, rush…

In the midst of all this activity, are we in too much of a hurry that we cannot be interrupted by people?

As confronting as this may be for us, none of us are any more important than anyone else; our busyness is no more significant than anyone else’s. Recognising this, let’s ask ourselves: for whom are we setting aside time? How well are we connecting and engaging with those who come into our world?

If we care, WE CARE. We connect, we support, we follow through, we cast no judgement. We do what we say, we deliver on our promises and support people through the journey of life. Not just when things are going well, not just when it’s convenient for us. Importantly, we are not responsible for ‘fixing’ people but we are responsible for how we support people through every season.

Everywhere there are people, there are opportunities to care.


Thanks to Sacha Williams for the inspiration for this post.

Image credit: totalpics / 123RF Stock Photo

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