choice - high road & low road

Do our choices make sense?

We make choices every day – some big, some small; some essential, some inconsequential. Regardless of what we’re deciding, we need to ask ourselves – do our choices make sense?

We can, no doubt, look back and identify choices, with the benefit of hindsight, that proved to be poor. I reckon we can also look back and see choices we’ve made that were pretty ordinary even at the time of making them (no hindsight required!). Whether it was impulse, emotion or just pure thoughtlessness, choices that don’t make sense often have consequences far beyond what we perceived.

So what does a sensible choice look like? Here are a few tips…

Is it aligned? A sensible choice is aligned with our values, supporting what we hold to be true and valuable. A choice outside of this is really asking for trouble!

Is it considered? Have we actually thought about what this choice means? Have we considered who it will impact and the ramifications for each stakeholder? Taking off our blinkers to think about others now can save us (and others) future pain.

Is it rational? Can our choice be supported by the available information? Can the dots of evidence be connected to a logical outcome?

Even asking these three questions will not prevent us from making unwise choices but I can guarantee if we don’t ask these questions, then our choices will mostly not make sense! Our first choice should be deciding what to ask.


What do you think?