The whole truth and nothing but…

Apart from being a stock-standard Michael Douglas film from 1994, disclosure also refers to the act of making new or secret information known. All of us have information which we deliberately or subconsciously do not disclose. I don’t think it’s necessarily because we do not have people with whom we could safely share, I suspect it’s because we ourselves have not processed or dealt with some of the events giving rise to this information.

This idea stems from a mental health research project in which I am currently participating. Core to this was a substantial questionnaire covering many aspects of my life: my upbringing, my relationships, my attitudes, my beliefs, my behaviours. What I found comfortably strange was that I willingly shared details of past experiences that I have not otherwise shared. Details around events that I had conveniently shelved for decades.

Upon completion of the questionnaire I found myself not reliving the past events, but rather realising how those experiences have shaped me, for better or for worse. The next logical step is acknowledging that my experiences today will shape my world tomorrow. In addition to the community benefit this research project seeks to deliver, it has been a personal practical demonstration that I need to be more deliberate, strategic, in creating my future through how I spend my today.

My challenge to each of us is simple: how will what we are doing today shape our tomorrow?


Image credit: nexusplexus / 123RF Stock Photo

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