Defining ‘opportunity’

The Cambridge online dictionary defines opportunity as ‘an occasion or situation which makes it possible to do something that you want to do or have to do, or the possibility of doing something‘.

Do you view the chance to help a family member or friend with a problem as an opportunity?

What about putting your hand up to join a working party or a project team at work?

How about volunteering with your church or a community organisation?

Or do you limit your definition of opportunity to something that you can easily manage with minimal discomfort, little inconvenience?

I’ve learned that opportunity presents in many different ways. Rarely is it packaged excitedly in brightly coloured wrapping paper and bows. It more often presents as effort, maybe as an inconvenience, or even as something decidedly uncomfortable.

Regardless of how it’s dressed, an opportunity is an opportunity.

We either accept it and grow and possibly help others grow or we ignore it and we all stagnate.

Let Hope Rise.

What do you think?