Defining failure

We often hear about failure. A business that has closed its doors. A relationship that hasn’t come together. An exam result not quite up to scratch.

But what is failure?

Is it simply not making the passing grade? Or is it when our expectations have not been met? How do you define failure in your life?

I came across a definition that challenges me; a definition that requires me to change my perspective. Here it is – failure is an opportunity to connect actions with consequences.

An opportunity to connect actions with consequences.

Look at the three key words – opportunity, actions, consequences.

An opportunity… not a life sentence.
… to connect actions… to understand something we have or have not done.
… with consequences… to realise the new set of circumstances.

Viewing failure this way will ultimately strengthen us. It will empower us. It can change our future.

There’s a much-quoted saying that insanity is doing the same thing but expecting a different result. Our new definition of failure means we can understand what we need to do differently to get a better outcome.

Let’s connect our actions with their consequences and have another go.

Let hope rise.

What do you think?