Deal of the day

Bargains! We all love them!

2 for 1 offers, deal of the day, discount coupons – bring ’em on! Our collective passion to grab a bargain has driven an incredible rise in online sites offering a diverse range of deals specific to virtually every major city in the western world. I’m as keen as the next Joe Blow to save a few $$, but just how far do we extend our bargain mentality?

Some things should not be bought on the cheap. Some things should not be traded in bulk. Some things are worthy of a high price.

Do we bring a bargain mentality to our relationships or do we esteem them as a precious commodity?

Do we value the uniqueness of a friendship?

Are we willing to pay the price demanded by a spirit of excellence?

If we carry the bargain hunter approach beyond choosing a new TV or a lunch deal, then we’re really selling ourselves short.  If we’re not willing to invest more into the things that ultimately shape us then we become the ‘deal of the day’, with little long-term value. Our families, careers, relationships, health and emotional well-being deserve an appropriate consideration. We deserve to value ourselves.

What are you worth?

Let hope rise.

What do you think?