Crossing the strait

Every so often an event comes along that causes you to sit up and take notice; an event that provides you with an opportunity to truly BE the difference. One such event is
‘Crossing the Strait’.

A group of experienced Aussie adventurers are planning to kayak Bass Strait, the infamous stretch of sea separating Tasmania from mainland Australia. Why? (a very good question with an even better answer!). To practically support Destiny Rescue in closing the gap between child slavery and freedom. Destiny Rescue does exactly what its name suggests – rescue children from the horrors of slavery, releasing them into their destiny.

Pushing off from Victoria on January 9, 2012 the crossing will take anywhere from 9 days up to 3 weeks, depending on the potentially extreme weather conditions.The team will carry all their food, camping and emergency equipment in their kayaks as they island-hop the 350km. Their sole purpose is to bring attention to and raise critical funds for the incredible work of Destiny Rescue, saving the world one child at a time.

I encourage you to support this amazing effort by spreading the word, direct donations, corporate sponsorship and participating in fund-raisers. Adventure Day is coming up in Brisbane on Saturday 5 November – claim the date now!

Sit up, take notice and BE the difference.

Let hope rise.

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