courage to change

Courage to change

Change really is inevitable. It is one constant in our world, in our lives, and it demands a response.

We can choose to ignore change and be overtaken by it. We can choose to simply understand it. Or we can choose to embrace and facilitate it.

Change simply for the sake of change is not what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about change that is brought about by a genuine desire to improve, a desire to be more effective, a desire for excellence. This examines the why and the how of what we are doing (personally and corporately). It determines if what we’re doing is necessary and, if so, asks the question “how can we do this better?”.

As initiators or leaders of change, our capacity has to concurrently grow. If we have decided that change is necessary, then by default we are saying who we were will not take us to where we need to go. It is recognition that what has been is not sufficient for what will be. And that’s okay! This is the essence of change. Identifying how we personally can grow; how we can seek opportunities that enlarge us, that increase our capacity.

Stepping into our future, we cannot allow our history nor our background to negatively influence what could be. The baggage from past failures, missed opportunities, silly mistakes must be put aside if we’re to claim our future. Along with our enlarged capacity, both our vision and belief must also change.

How are you responding to change in your world?


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