Common ground

One of the obstacles to forming new relationships is finding those things you have in common; those points of interest that resonate with both people from which further commonalities, or indeed differences, can be established. The same applies to families.

I know my 12-year-old son and he knows me. However, as he develops into his own person the importance of common ground continues to grow. My wife picked up on this point much earlier than me and has been sharing experiences through one particular iPhone game. This has allowed a bridge to be built between mum and son that extends beyond the game.

Similarly, I now have a shared game experience with my eldest boy and this too has enabled me to have a greater awareness of his world. Don’t tell my son but I actually really enjoy the game too!!

Leading full lives demands that we move finding common ground from an idea to a strategy. If we are committed to empowering and equipping our kids then we must be communicating and effective communication can only stem from common ground, it should not be assumed because of the familial relationship.

Take the initiative, create some common ground today!


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