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With every action and inaction, there is a likely cost; a price to pay. The price to pay initially may seem large and not worth your consideration, however, the longer-term price may in fact be significantly more distressing.

Case in point is my annual contribution towards my dermatologist’s Audi. The small fortune I have paid in annual consultations and pathology reports suggest I own a meaningful proportion of his luxury car! This price, though, is inconsequential when assessing the cost of not having this check-up.

Each year has been fairly similar. A number of superficial lesions removed via liquid nitrogen, a couple of biopsies and maybe an offending skin cancer surgically removed. I have even experienced photodynamic therapy (PDT) where special light is the basis of treatment. This year was a little different…

Appointment on the Friday, pathology results on the Monday, consult with a plastic surgeon on the Monday afternoon, surgery booked at the next available spot in eight days. Now, I’m definitely not a fan of anything stuck into my body – I wince at a prickle – and I figured enduring the three local anaesthetics for the biopsies was sufficient suffering for the cause. Blood tests, CAT scans and facial surgery was not exciting me. I didn’t like this price!

In reality, this price is insignificant compared to the cost of inaction. The price I could potentially pay if I choose to ignore the problem would indeed be far higher, for me and my family.

When we assess the price that is demanded of us now, we should compare that to the future price of inaction. Perspective is needed to ensure we do whatever it is that must be done. The reason there is a price to everything is that with cost comes value. The higher the price, the greater the value.

At the end of the day, we always have a choice. Which price do you want to pay?


Image credit: slena / 123RF Stock Photo

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