choose to appreciate

Choose to appreciate

We choose many things in life. We choose our daily routines, we choose our friends and we choose how to respond to events in our world. This includes our family.

I am often reminded of how incredibly blessed I am because of my family. And I believe this is because I choose to appreciate. Yes, there are many times when the actions of one or all of my boys can drive me to brink of parental insanity. But in choosing to appreciate, I actually uncover the many ways their unique personalities amaze me.

This not only applies to family. By choosing to appreciate our jobs, our partners, our homes, we will see the value they provide. Even if we’re not in our ideal career or perfect relationship or our dream home, what we have is still a blessing. If you don’t think so, then consider how would you be without any or all of them?

I find that when I choose to appreciate I respond differently. I respond understanding the value and the blessing. I respond with greater empathy and wisdom. And in regards to my family, I respond greater in love.

By choosing to appreciate we add value to our world. We add value to ourselves and to the people in our lives.

What, or whom, are you choosing to appreciate?


Image credit: almoond / 123RF Stock Photo

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