Children see. Children do.

In 2006, Australia’s National Association for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (NAPCAN), launched a provocative 90 second cinema ad featuring children following adults, mimicking their habits. It all starts innocuously talking on a mobile phone, using a pay phone but the behaviour becomes more insidious with a girl copying a woman’s smoking habits on an escalator; a boy follows as a grown man carelessly knocks a struggling mother’s bag off her shoulder. We see examples of litter, drunken behaviour, road rage, racism and cruelty to animals. A woman yells at her baby, accompanied by her older daughter. A man is joined by his son as he verbally and physically abuses his wife…

The message is very clear: what children see, children will do.

It doesn’t matter what behaviour we as parents espouse as acceptable, children will copy what we model.

Children see. Children do.

You can view a clip here – * warning: the images are powerful and disturbing in their reality and are not suitable for children *

Just as children will copy our anger and our violence, they will copy the compassion, the encouragement, the level-headedness we display.

What behaviour are we modeling? What attitudes are we instilling?

It’s our choice. Let’s make our influence positive.


You can download positive parenting resources here

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