Plus One…

Despair can grip us when we view events around the world – war, poverty, famine, crime. The apparent “bigness” of these problems can lead us to think we cannot have an impact. The key, however, is understanding the + One principle.

The same approach deployed in our families and workplaces empowers us to make a difference. I may be just one person but if I accept that I CAN make a difference, ONE person at a time, then I WILL have an impact.

The simple key is to draw our vision to the people around us – to the One, to each and every one. If we decide to make a difference in one person’s world, we will. If we empower this one person to value the one, then the cycle of reaching and connecting grows. We can change the world by applying the + One principle.

Think about it this way – I recently saw The Avengers and whilst it’s not an Academy Award winner of Schindler’s List ilk, it is a fantastic piece of movie-making and a truly fun way to spend a couple of hours. Because of my enjoyment of this movie I have willingly recommended it to all and sundry. Similarly, if I have found something that makes a positive difference in my world then when I think of the one, I should not only be excited about sharing it but may even feel obliged. Why would I not want to share something that has made a significant difference to my life and to my family?

A great friend shared a truth with me around 10 years ago, a truth I have since claimed as my own which has changed the course of my life for the better. This truth was the power of Jesus Christ. Jesus was all about the One. The parables of the lost sheep, the prodigal son, the good Samaritan, the lost coin all emphasises the value of the One.

Let’s be challenged by the + One principle. Who is your One today?


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