Chains, stains and pains

For a racehorse to win, it must first compete. For it to compete, it must be released from the barrier. For many of us, we can feel that we are that racehorse still locked behind the barrier restricting our opportunity to compete let alone win. Our barrier though may not be a physical one, it’s more often our past.

The chains of our past – fear, insecurity, doubt…. all holding us back.

The stains of the past – those reminders of failure… discouraging us from having another go.

The pains of the past – recalling those times when we were hurt, let down… dissuading us from going there again.

We each have these chains, stains and pains. In some of us, they are significant. In others, they are less so but nonetheless they exist and cause all of us to too often glance into our past when we should be scanning our future horizons.

We can let these chains, stains and pains disrupt our potential or we can choose the difficult option of addressing them and releasing ourselves. It’s not easy, it’s not quick, but surely our future is worth it?


Image credit: zeonn / 123RF Stock Photo

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