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I’m a millionaire!!

According to an SMS I received recently I am about to be awarded 1.5 million US dollars from Mark & Cindy Hill, the winners of the incredible $587 million US Powerball lottery. This would indeed by an answer to prayer! This is also highly unlikely – not the answer to prayer, but rather the means of delivery.

Finances are often a point of prayer for many of us. Escalating livings costs and loss of income are seemingly a more regular part of today’s economy. Believing for a miracle is a testament to our faith but how often do we actually look for the miracle as well?

Answers to prayer present in many different forms. As exciting as it would be to have Mark & Cindy Hill as benefactors, the reality is somewhat more mundane. The presentation of weekend overtime is more realistic than the huge windfall. Diligently building the relationship with a prospective client may be the answer.

How we expect to overcome a challenge will determine how we tackle it. Expecting an out-of-the-blue solution with no input from us will most likely ensure the challenge remains and possibly even grows. Deciding that we must be proactive and ready to do something different, something extra, will condition us to look for the solution.

If we want a miracle in our circumstances, we must start looking for it!


Image credit: ninamalyna / 123RF Stock Photo