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Thank you…

2013 represents my third year of blogging and I thought it about time to say THANK YOU to you, the reader!

It may interest you to discover (and then again it may not but since I’m the one who’s writing I’ll share this anyway!) that Let Hope Rise was read in 66 countries across the globe in 2012.

Australia, USA and the UK were the top three however Let Hope Rise enjoyed readership in fields as far-flung as Slovakia, Kuwait, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, Panama, Belgium, Lithuania, Japan, Poland, Morocco and Israel!

The top three posts were Pictures of a leader #3, A father’s responsibility, and Door’s open or closed?. I’d love to hear your pick…

Let Hope Rise will sharpen its focus in 2013 on Fatherhood, Career and Leadership, and I look forward to journeying with you. As always, your comments and suggestions are very welcome.


Your, you’re…their, there… what’s the fuss??

In the overall scheme of life using incorrect grammar on your Facebook status update is not overly significant. When you are writing for a specific audience, though, (for example, as a blogger, or compiling a report for your boss, or even putting together your resume), then grammar becomes critical. It could mean the difference between being shortlisted for the job and missing the cut, positively engaging your audience or losing readership.

Most grammar mistakes are not that complex. Most are simply using an incorrect version of a word or the misplacing of an apostrophe. A little time and little education can bring about super results! The following infographic (shared by Copyblogger) shows some of the grammar goofs that can make us look silly… enjoy (and learn!).

15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly


Are you what you say you’re not?

For many years I did not see myself as ‘creative’. I was a logical, sequential thinker; certainly not one of those ‘creative types’. And when it came to the supposedly creative pursuit of writing, well, it was just something I did.

I think many of us convince ourselves that we are NOT something, when in fact we are. Contemplating on the concept of being creative, I realised that writing had been a common theme for me over the past 20 years and not just rehashing documents, but actually creating business plans, marketing copy, corporate bios, CVs and the like. Creating!

Acknowledging this empowered me. No longer was I constrained by the thought that I was not creative. However, this also challenged me. By removing what I believed was a relevant roadblock, I was now committed to action!

Ken Robinson, in his New York Times bestseller “The Element”, suggests “…being creative is about making fresh connections so that we see things in new ways and from different perspectives“. This is something, with practice, we can all harness, and most probably already do. Examine how you solve problems or tackle a new venture – fresh connections is key.

So if we adamantly contest that we are not something, it could very well be this is what we are!


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I’ve moved house!

Let Hope Rise has a new look and a new home thanks to securing its own domain! It’s super easy to find, no Sat Nav required – in fact, you’re probably already there. My original site redirects all traffic to my self-hosted site.

The simplest way to ensure you do not miss new posts is to subscribe via email at the top right of this page. You can also sign up for the RSS feed via the link in the header.

Those who previously subscribed via email to have been successfully transferred to this new site so things should remain pretty much to which you’re accustomed. If, however, you were a fellow user who followed Let Hope Rise so that new posts appeared in your wordpress reader, you’ll need to subscribe again (this time via email).

I’m looking forward to the greater flexibility and customisation this new site will provide which will hopefully enhance your reading experience. One thing that certainly hasn’t changed is my enthusiasm for your thoughts and opinions so please continue to comment on posts! You’ll also notice it’s a tad easier to share posts via whatever social media tickles your fancy…


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Stories from the front office

We moved into our current home around 18 months ago. One of the attractions for me was the office nook at the front of the house – a place for me to plan, to organise, and to write. A professional’s man-cave if you will!

And write I have. My blogging has continued to grow despite a few roadblocks and many moments of doubt. However, my work on the book that is within me has not progressed anywhere near what I had thought it would. The dream is still very much alive but as yet it remains mostly a dream.

It’s a funny thing really. I’m seeking to write from the direct experience of myself and my wife, recounting challenge, detailing a journey and describing the victory. So the material is not unfamiliar nor do I need to “invent” it. However, I do need to create it.

I reckon this experience is reflective of so many opportunities in our lives. We may have a powerful dream, a vision of our future yet it does not seem to be coming together. We can look at this dream and think that is just a dream.

We have to remember everything around us began with a dream. Before Wright Flyer I flew for 12 seconds, Orville and Wilbur dreamt it was possible. Before television programs were beamed into our lounge rooms, John Logie Baird believed the transmission of moving images was possible. Regardless of where we look in our world, everything started with someone believing it was possible and then sought to move the idea from a dream to reality. In the process the reality has often taken on a different shape to the dream,  but nonetheless the idea has been realised.

I know I will write the book and it will be published. What are you dreaming of?


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A blogger’s mantra…

There’s the old adage that it’s not about the numbers, but in reality it IS about the numbers. Whether it’s the number of blogs you post, the readers you have or the comments you receive, blogging IS a numbers game. I don’t regard myself as an “expert” blogger by any stretch of the imagination, but I do like to write and have trialled a few different approaches, so here are a few thoughts…

The number of blogs you post indicates your depth of content and your desire to write. Now, one can write anything just for the sake of a post, but I’m talking here about content of which you are proud to call your own work.

Every reader you have is a life that you can influence. Here, more than anywhere, numbers are critical. The bigger the number, the greater your circle of influence.

Similarly, every comment reflects an ENGAGED reader – someone who has taken the time to encourage, to share or perhaps even to disagree.

I’ve been blogging semi-regularly since March 2011 however it was not until I made the decision recently to post daily that I understand writing momentum. The pressure of writing daily builds expectation within myself, expectation that tunes me in to the world around me, expectation that seeks quality content. Expanding my topics into family and fatherhood has extended my reach and broadened my content pool.

Blogging daily is not the chore I thought it would be. Thanks to the insight shared by Jeff Goins, I write now because I WANT to write. I am a writer. I do not write for the numbers, but as I write consistently quality content the numbers stack up!

It’s not all about the numbers, but when each number represents a life to positively influence, it’s ALL about the numbers.


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