Can you give an hour a day?

Having been challenged to write a book, I know the journey is not as simple as telling the story. It is significantly more complex and demanding than I could ever have imagined!  But the process reminds of the old joke: ‘How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time…’

I heard a radio interview with an author where he was asked how he found the time to create his work? After all, he was dad to two small children, had a demanding full-time job that often took him away from home, and had all the usual day-to-day responsibilities associated with running his household.  Anticipating his answer would be the revolutionary key I needed, I eagerly awaited his response…

One hour a day.

That was the revelation. One hour a day. One bite at a time.

He explained that after his daughters went to bed he committed himself to writing one hour every night. And over the course of many years, his novel slowly took shape, until the day when he invited his eldest daughter into his office to type those incredible words “The End”.

One hour a day.

If we think we’ve over committed, it could be that we’re trying to consume the entire project. Perhaps, we need to break it down into manageable portions spread over a longer period.

One hour a day. Is your dream worth this investment?


Image credit: matttilda / 123RF Stock Photo

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