Can coffee help manage a crisis?

Some coffee-houses are compelling.

Some truly engage their customers.

One I experienced recently was so enthusiastic to capture their market they literally locked us in!

An armed man was on the loose in the neighbouring shopping precinct so all buildings were physically locked down. A friend was locked in at work, at least I was sampling some mighty fine brews (coffee that is)!

People were amazingly calm, thanks mostly to the messenger. The coffee-house owner communicated what he knew – the events, the police advice, the action taken and relayed it in a casual, yet matter-of-fact manner reinforcing we were safe and the coffee would continue flowing!

The music continued, conversation resumed and coffee was served. Here was a lesson in managing a potential crisis.

1. Acknowledge what we know
2. Identify the safety net
3. Allow the experts in
4. Maintain business as usual.

In any difficult situation there will always be things we know and things we don’t. We need to firstly be clear what is known and unknown; what is fact, what is speculation.

Even if the event is territory never before traversed nor even considered, there will be some degree of safety net. Past experience, knowledge and protocols (whether it be our’s or someone else’s) will provide some comfort or surety.

Invariably other people will offer skills or expertise with our event. We need to source and engage them, submitting our lack of knowledge to their skill-set.

And, of course, life goes on. Our responsibilities remain, commitments must be honoured. Ignoring these will only deepen the potential crisis.

Above all else, the coffee must keep flowing!!


A huge THANKYOU to the Brew team for making lock-down a safe and positive experience…

Image credit: supergranto / 123RF Stock Photo

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