Bring forth the new status quo…

The idea of change frightens many of us.

The disruption of our routine with which we’re familiar is uncomfortable. But once change has occurred, we tend to develop a new routine, accommodating the very thing which we feared.

I’ve been part of several major workplace changes in recent years. Teams consolidating, roles changing, status quo disrupted. Ahead of the changes, team members exhibited a range of emotions from reluctant acceptance to cynicism to fear. Very few individuals genuinely welcome seemingly radical change although some people certainly look for the benefit, perhaps as a means to quell nerves!

Once the teams have consolidated and the roles have changed, a new status quo is defined. That’s the funny thing about the status quo, it changes!

My learnings from these experiences indicate that the dangers of change verbalised by antagonists rarely, if ever, materialise to the extent foretold. What does materialise is a transition period, the success and length of which is highly dependent upon the communication process and training. People have tended to become more accepting of anticipated change if it is clearly communicated, if stakeholders are appropriately engaged and if they are practically supported, before, during and after the process.

Change truly is inevitable. People change. Companies change. Economies change. You and I change. Our perspective and attitude may also need to change if we are to embrace the upside of change. Let’s set a new status quo for ourselves as we look towards a new year!


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