Being an everyday business rock star…

Sydney Morning Herald online ran a blog a while back on business rock starsentrepreneurs who don’t just run companies but who have become a brand, a “walking, talking embodiment of what some people perceive as success.”

The author refers to a recently released book profiling Richard Branson, selecting three key topics. These are incredibly relevant for budding business people but I believe can be equally applied to our own lives. Here they are:

1. A big hairy audacious goal (BHAG)  : a long-term goal that is a definite stretch for you, taking you outside your comfort zone.
What is something that you really want to achieve that is beyond the ordinary, that will create a legacy?

2. Turn problems into opportunities :  an ‘opportunity-perspective’ taking responsibility for your direction.
Sharpening your vision to find an opportunity in every circumstance.

3. The art of self promotion :  confident communication.
Boldly telling the world about yourself, increasing your sphere of influence.

Let Hope Rise.

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