Becoming your kids greatest encourager

Becoming your kids’ greatest encourager

I don’t state that I’ve got it right. I know I’ve messed up from time to time (and will continue to do so!). But I do know that my actions, right and wrong, directly impact my boys.

One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned from my own life is encouragement. We all need an encourager – someone we trust who is in our corner, supporting us, helping us get back up, giving us every reason to go again.

As a dad, it is my responsibility to be my kids’ greatest encourager. I need to be the one delivering the motivation to try something for the first time, to try again when the first (or second or third!) attempt failed, to celebrate the wins and to navigate the losses.

The “trick” is showing, not just saying. I need to… (dare I use the cliché?) lead by example. We can use all the right words; we can be ringside ready to offer our wisdom but if we’re not showing our kids how to live life positively, then we’re missing the mark. Intentions need to be validated by actions.

Of course there are times when an encouraging word or even a thumbs-up will prompt the desired action. But this will only continue to be successful if our kids see us having a go; if they are witness to us sometimes missing our shot yet trying again. Words and deeds need to be aligned.

As parents, we must be speaking into our children. Words of life, of hope, of possibility. Words that convey value and purpose. Words that promote perseverance and commitment. Our actions must then loudly proclaim these words.

Words will open the door, but actions will direct the journey.


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