Be a dad who protects

Often in our politically correct world, the depiction of a father who protects his family is seen as implying that those who he is protecting are simply incapable of looking after themselves, much like a helpless woman needing a man. As dads, we need to ignore this rubbish and simply stand up for our family – our kids and our wife – at all times and in all situations.

The reality is that men and women are different. Men have instincts, attitudes and physical strengths that should empower us for tough-minded, sacrificial service to those people who count most in their lives, starting with their families. And it is this idea of “service” that is paramount to protection.

As the protector of the family, a dad’s responsibility goes beyond the physical protection from harm. It needs to extend to protecting the family emotionally, spiritually, financially and practically as well as physically. Yes, this pretty much encompasses everything but that is both the challenge and the opportunity. If a mum and dad are to effectively create kids who are resilient, confident and who can fulfil their potential then a dad’s protection is paramount.

Dads, I really want us to understand the significance of what we have been called to do and the privilege we have in shaping lives. By us creating an environment where our families can flourish and have fun whilst building strength and capacity, our influence is extending well beyond our immediate family. By guarding what and who is allowed into our homes, we exemplify a culture of purpose and intentionality. By being the dad who protects, we model loving leadership.

Protecting is not rigidity. We need to be creating homes filled with laughter and joy. We need to be creating incredible memories. We need to still do the silly stuff!

In his book Father, the Family Protector James B. Stenson writes “A great father never stops being a father, for he lives on as a great man in the hearts of his children”.

What will be living on in the hearts of your kids?


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