Are your kids ready to rumble?

As a dad, I want to instil in my boys attributes such as courage, confidence, honesty, hope… But underpinning this, I desire them to have the will for a fight. I’m not talking school-yard scrapping, but the life-defining quality of standing up for your beliefs and the wisdom of picking the right fight.

I think many of us parents and therefore our kids have become complacent, willing to roll-over to have our tummies scratched when we should be taking guard, defending our homes. As parents, we allow things to enter and to happen in our homes because the challenge to change this is difficult. We accept behaviour and attitudes because the confrontation that may result from us standing firm is ugly.

Now, we are most definitely called to head up our homes with grace and love. Inherent in “love” though is creating an environment that sets our kids up to win and this will occasionally deliver conflict. We must remain true to the bigger picture of creating empowered and confident young men and women capable of being world-changers, whilst providing a nurturing, secure home with clearly defined boundaries and expectations. Above all else, our children must know they are loved and accepted.

I’ve had several, mostly tongue-in-cheek, conversations with my older boys about their “rights”. I am all for them asserting their rights as long as they are also willing to accept the responsibilities that accompany them. This often cuts the conversation short!

If we want our kids to realise their potential, then they must be willing to fight for it. They must also know that we’ll always be in their corner. But first, though, our kids must see their parents step into the ring.


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4 thoughts on “Are your kids ready to rumble?”

  1. Love the article! The first thing I thought when I read it is that people often think of Jesus as a passive weakling. They misinterpret his lack of violence in the gospels for a willingness to roll over.

    The fact of the matter is that Jesus was using passivity as a powerful force in his world that was mired in violent actions and reactions. I love the images of Jesus as the powerful warrior against darkness found in Revelation. When I think of my savior, I prefer to think of him on the cross defeating the infinite punishment for sin in a finite time – a messianic feat indeed!

    In the image of our Savior, are we will to fight for Truth?

    1. Very awesome image @ChaseChristy. Not being violent, but standing firm in our belief in something is a vastly different thing. It is interesting how stead-fast in opinion people were in the lead up to the recent Qld elections, I wish people were so strong about bringing up their kids!

      1. Excellent insight Ryan. The passion people have for their sporting teams sometimes seem to outweigh passion for their family. I think part of this is that it’s easier to give yourself to something if only a little investment is required – there is little expectation attached to one’s support of a footy team for instance!

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