Are you what you say you’re not?

For many years I did not see myself as ‘creative’. I was a logical, sequential thinker; certainly not one of those ‘creative types’. And when it came to the supposedly creative pursuit of writing, well, it was just something I did.

I think many of us convince ourselves that we are NOT something, when in fact we are. Contemplating on the concept of being creative, I realised that writing had been a common theme for me over the past 20 years and not just rehashing documents, but actually creating business plans, marketing copy, corporate bios, CVs and the like. Creating!

Acknowledging this empowered me. No longer was I constrained by the thought that I was not creative. However, this also challenged me. By removing what I believed was a relevant roadblock, I was now committed to action!

Ken Robinson, in his New York Times bestseller “The Element”, suggests “…being creative is about making fresh connections so that we see things in new ways and from different perspectives“. This is something, with practice, we can all harness, and most probably already do. Examine how you solve problems or tackle a new venture – fresh connections is key.

So if we adamantly contest that we are not something, it could very well be this is what we are!


Image credit: nailiaschwarz / 123RF Stock Photo

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