Are we asking the right questions?

Many times when we’re confronted with a difficult situation or a series of events, we may be inclined to ask “why me?”. We then travel down the path of wondering how our life could have been different ‘if only’ we’d done a few things differently. The key here is ‘if only’ which means we didn’t, thus we are where are we are through the choices we have made (both good and bad!).

Chatting with my wife over breakfast recently we were thinking about how different people we know respond differently to events in their lives. My insightful wife stated “they probably aren’t asking the right questions”. This got us to thinking – what are the right questions? Obviously, ‘why me?’ did not make the list however the prevailing thought was this: HOW can I make things different?

Asking this question requires us to firstly acknowledge where we are at – the current situation. It then suggests that we actually want to be somewhere different or ‘better’. And thirdly, it is inferring we need to accept responsibility for the required change. The beauty of this question is that it immediately moves us into the area of positive change, rather than dwelling on the likely poor choices that brought us here.

So next time you find yourself asking ‘why me?’, ask yourself another question: “Am I asking the right question?”

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