Are there fish in your lake?

A healthy waterway is characterised by, amongst other things, the presence of fish. If other conditions are right, then life will spring forth from the lake forming part of a cycle that constantly reinvigorates the water.

Consider our lives as a lake. What evidence is there that this lake is a healthy one?

Are we producing something worthwhile? Do all the variables contribute to sustaining life?

A regular reassessment of the condition of our lake is critical to ensuring its overall usefulness. Being aware of exactly what we are pouring into the lake is essential to understanding what we can expect it to produce. If we are not filtering out the garbage, then it’ll quickly become polluted, choking all life.

I’ve come across some polluted waterways and my reaction is instant aversion. They smell, they’re ugly and are just plain YUCK!

Forest Lake in Brisbane is included as part of a national approach towards the management of Alligator Weed which severely impacts freshwater ecosystems. As part of this national plan, areas of infestation are identified and localised plans developed to contain and then remove it from the waterway.

So what weeds are in OUR lives? What things do WE need to contain or potentially remove to ensure we all have fish in our lakes?


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One thought on “Are there fish in your lake?”

  1. Thanks Mark for an awesome post. We need to monitor our waterways, make sure life is sustainable! I think its a great analogy to watching how caustic you are to the people around you, and your own sense of living! Bring life!

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