A father’s guide to Inception

Inception, the 2010 blockbuster starring Leonardo DiCaprio may seem at first an unlikely place to draw parallels with fatherhood. The father-son relationship, however, is fundamental to the film with the inception team identifying the most basic relationship they will exploit is that between the father Maurice Fischer and their ‘mark’, his heir-apparent son Robert.

In their plan the team identify three themes:  the son not wanting to disappoint his father; the son’s desire to be like his father; and the son’s awakening awareness of pleasing his father by being himself (that is, not imitating his father). Sometimes it takes an unlikely source to be awakened to simple truths!

As a father I need to consider my relationship with my boys in light of my relationship with my dad. I need to recall how I too sought my dad’s approval, the impact of his words upon my life and the changing nature of our relationship as I matured and he mellowed (that’s my perspective anyway!).

In the film it is suggested that truth could keep a son and father forever emotionally separated. It is not so much the truth, rather it’s the lack of understanding around this truth and the perception and prejudices with which we interpret this “truth”.

The truth is I am a dad and the journey is never clear-cut; the path is rarely obvious. However, the truth that I love my boys unconditionally MUST be conveyed to them in a manner which they understand, and conveyed often.

In reality us dads have limited time to empower and equip our kids so let’s make every moment count.


What do you think?