5 things I’ve learnt from my children

I’ve learnt many things from my four boys including that coins will pass safely through the digestive tract of a 2-year-old!

Yep, the lessons have been many and varied, however I have sought to capture just 5 of the more important ones for now.

  1. Kids need acceptance.  In spite of the circumstances and whatever may or may not have happened, my boys actually want to know that they are still right with me, regardless of any trouble.
  2. What walks in me, runs in my boys. If I’m impatient and cranky with the world, then this will not only be replicated in my boys it will be magnified (now this is scary!).
  3. Imperfect is better than ok, it’s normal. If I cannot meet expectations I place upon myself than my boys certainly won’t attain those lofty heights either. Let’s just get real – nobody’s perfect, so let’s set expectations accordingly.
  4. Sometimes the answer is TIME. Kids see through cheap stunts and whilst gifts are readily accepted they won’t solidify a relationship long-term. However, hanging with the kids where the purpose is simply to spend time is many times the simplest answer.
  5. Find the kid in YOU! Run around half-naked or whatever silly things your kids love to do – crazy songs, dress-ups, silly games – it’s all about letting the kid in you connect with the kids around you. Just have fun!

Now this didn’t make this list (and thanks to my good twitter-friend @JamiePentsa) if your child makes you a macaroni necklace with papier-mache flowers, wear it – you’ll make their day!!


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2 thoughts on “5 things I’ve learnt from my children”

  1. The second one definitely resonates with me. My mood sets the tone with my kids. I work from home and have a 3 year old and 2 year old. If we have a bad day, I usually started it!

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