21st century game changers

Nintendo have delivered a number of initiatives to drive sales of their latest handheld console – the 3DS.  My eldest son gratefully received his free download of 10 games being acknowledged as an ‘Ambassador’ (also known as an early adopter who paid $100 above market price thanks to Nintendo’s post-release discounting strategy!). This is so far removed from my experience as a young fella growing up in North Qld that I got to thinking about points of difference between then and now. Here are my game changers…

Social media   Living your life in a virtual fishbowl, inviting friends, acquaintances and sometimes strangers to comment and also share their equally fascinating lives with you. A warts and all experience for many sharing the good, the bad and the downright ugly! Some of us used to keep a diary or just tell our mates stuff at school….

iAnything   The proliferation of handheld communication devices  enabling instant and
continuous connection with the world: updating the aforementioned social media to advise the world of your breakfast or relationship status, keeping abreast of your emails, checking hits on your blog, trawling the internet or just enjoying downtime playing games whether you’re at work, at school, in the loo, in bed or anywhere else! You can, so I’m told, even use these devices to make phone calls – impressive!  I used to carry 20c in case I needed to ring mum to ask for a lift because my bike had a flat tyre (history lesson: for younger readers, 20c was the cost of a local phone call using a public telephone – old school I know).

‘google it’ is now a legitimate response to a question! I remember the good ol’ days of the multi-volume Encyclopedia Britannica and racing to the library to ensure you got the book first!

Game consoles   The Atari 2600 (google it kiddies) was the ducks guts for my generation but now we have a myriad of competing platforms with varying degrees of capacity and online connectivity so you don’t have to play with your troublesome brother sitting beside you, you can play with a complete stranger with the online name of ‘Hammermaster’ in Sweden….

eBay   Have something to sell? Want to buy something, anything ? The perpetual garage sale where one man’s junk becomes another man’s treasure, again and again!

YouTube   30+ years ago Andy Warhol famously declared everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.  For better or for worse, YouTube has made this a reality! It’s Friday, Friday… gotta get down on Friday…

Thankfully the game hasn’t changed completely. The Star Wars saga retains its classic stature. Backyard cricket still happens (although we need to go to the park because of
our downsized lot as part of urban sprawl). Riding our push bikes is still a pastime. Completing a jigsaw remains fun. It’s just that now we’re likely to tweet about these experiences as well!

Let hope rise.

Leave a comment – what are your game changers?

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