18 years and I’m still learning

You would have thought that after 18 years I would be classed as expert, or at least professional. But in reality I’ve probably only recently progressed from beginner to intermediate. Of course, I had thought I had passed beginner stage many times before only to have my ranking reset.

2012 marks 18 years of marriage for me. 18 years of what has proven to be continual learning interspersed with the complete spectrum of emotion (often in one day!). As a 24-year-old, I was confident about this marriage thing having absolutely no idea of what I did not know. As I have matured and shared the many ups, downs and roundabouts of life with my very patient, loving and inspiring wife, I have come to accept that the older I become, the more I do not know! And that’s a great thing!

That’s not to say I haven’t learned anything. I have learned an incredible amount about my wife, about marriage, about relationships, about parenting, about family, but most critically, about myself.  The more I have learned about all of these things the more I understand that there is so much MORE to learn than I could ever possibly have imagined 18 years ago.

I am more patient, but I still need patience. I am more tolerant, but I still need tolerance. I am more organised, but I still need more organisation (you can never be TOO organised!). I am more loving, but I still need to be more loving. And so the list goes on…

The day I wake and think I am finally an expert, that there is nothing more to learn about being a better husband, father, son, brother, friend, colleague or team member, is the day I become less effective at them all.

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